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For decades, the images of Africa and Africans in mainstream media have been of sub-standard rural living, primitive tribes dancing around tribal bonfires, or war, famine and chaos.

Meanwhile, there are stories of Africans who are highly educated, well-travelled, multi-lingual, enterprising and visionary. There are also stories on the continent and in diaspora of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and creative thinking. However, these stories hardly receive the attention they deserve.

I think it’s about time we share our stories in our own words and play a part in confronting and re-shaping mainstream perception of Africa and Africans. Hence, HackingAfrica which exists to present an alternative narrative of the continent. Every Tuesday and Friday @ 6:30am PST, I upload a post in which I write/talk about entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, entertainment, economic development and more.

You see, I’m so inspired by the promise and future of Africa that I have many amazing stories to share with you. Stories that I hope will inspire you and cause you to take a second look at the continent.

This blog/vlog (YouTube – Hacking Africa) is therefore my humble attempt to elevate and amplify all the amazing things that Africans are doing on the continent and around the world.

Welcome to HackingAfrica!


Anwuli Okeke

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